Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Weizmann Institute (Israel)

Elior Peles


I have been trained as a biochemist and molecular biologist. During my PhD I have isolated and cloned Neuregulin, later to be established as the main signaling system that regulates myelination in the PNS. During my postdoctoral training, I identified contactin as a neuronal ligand for the glial receptor tyrosine phosphatase β/z. My continued interest in axon-glia communication at the Weizmann has led to the identification of proteins that mediate axoglial contact at specific locations along the entire longitudinal axis of the myelin unit ( These include gliomedin at the nodes of Ranvier, Caspr and contactin at the paranodal junction, Caspr2 and TAG-1 at the juxtaparanodal region and Cadm/Necl proteins at the internodes. We further used various approaches to successfully demonstrate that axoglial interactions mediated by these adhesion molecules are essential to the normal distribution of ion channels along the axonal membrane. We have also identified inhibitory signals that regulate myelination.