IRCCS Besta, Milan (Italy)

Alberto Proietti


Consultant neurologist with special interest in headache disorders

  • 1993 MD, Degree in Medicine and Surgery, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy
  • 1997 Specialization in Neurophysiology, Neurological Institute ‘C.Mondino’ Pavia, Italy
  • 2002 PhD, Neurological Institute ‘C.Mondino’ Pavia, Italy

I has been attending Headache Centres in Italy (Pavia, Milan) and abroad (Liege, Belgium) expanding his expertise in headache field, in clinical management and research activities.

Since 2005 at the Neurological Institute ‘C.Besta’, Milan he collaborate at the clinical and psychopatological assessment of drug-refractory chronic headache patients who are candidate to functional neurosurgery:  peripheral nerve stimulation (occipital nerve stimulation ONS, vagal nerve stimulation, VNS)  and hypothalamic deep brain stimulation (DBS), for patient selection, programming and follow up.