IRCCS Besta, Milan (Italy)

Vidmer Scaioli


Vidmer Scaioli graduated high school (roughly equivalent to the GCE) and then  degree in Medicine at the  University of Florence; subsequently he got postgraduate in Neurology e Neurophysiology.

Subsequently a period of training at the Institute of Clinical Neurophysiology of the University of Florence, he begun scientific activity at the National Institute of Milan, firstly as contractor and then as leader of a national Project on intraoperative monitoring (Ricerca  Finalizzata on posterior fossa surgery). After a period of a temporary position in the EMG laboratory, he got a permanent position to keen on projects in the field of genetics and familiar peripheral neuropathy. He then spent following years in the development of EMG and Evoked potentials in adults and children.

Topics and main fields of clinical research: peripheral neuropathies inflammatory acquired and hereditary, multiple sclerosis, pediatric onset leucoencephalopaties  and neurodegenerative disorders of early infancy and finally the  neurophysiology of neuromuscular disorders transmission, such as myasthenia gravis.