I.R.S.C.C. Besta – Neuroalgology Unit-Headache Center

Licia Grazzi


• July 1979: Degree Maturita’ Classica “Liceo Ginnasio G. Berchet”, Milan, Italy
• March 1986: Degree in Medicine and Surgery University of Milan
• July 1986: License to practice Medicine and Surgery
• From 1987 to 1990: Specialisation in Neurology, University of Pavia

Occupation History – Present position
• Since 1996-present: Staff Physician and Headache and cerebrovascular Division at the Fondazione Istituto Neurologico C.Besta
• 1988 to 1995: Attending staff Physician Headache Center at the Fondazione
Istituto Neurologico C.Besta

Clinical Research Activity and Scientific Organization
• Since 1988: Scientific research activity in clinical and therapeutic aspects on the principal research topics of the Headache Center, with clinical trials in headache field, therapeutic innovations in the treatment of headache in young and paediatric age, developing of therapeutic programs with behavioral therapies and consequently publication of several scientific papers (more than 100) and participation to several international scientific meetings
• Since 1988: member of AAPB
• Since 2006: Involved in scientific activity of BFE (Biofeedback Federation of Europe)
• Since 1999: Involved in the educational staff of ASC (Association for a School of Headache)
• Since 2002: Member of Italian Neurological Association for the Study of Headache (ANIRCEF); in particular involved as assistant of the President in 2013/2014
• Since 2013: Member of the International Headache Society (HIS)