Department of Neurology, St. Elisabeth Hospital (Curacao)

Ingemar Merkies


Dr. Ingemar S.J. Merkies received his medical training in Amsterdam (cum laude) and his neurology training at in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2001, he got his PhD in medical neurosciences (cum laude). He was also trained at the neurorehabilitation department at Leeds University, Leeds, UK in applying the Rasch methodology as a modern technique to transform ordinal-based outcome measures to interval measures. At current stage, he works as head of neurology department at the St. Elisabeth Hospital, Willemstad, the Netherlands and as a scientific board member at the Maastricht University Medical Centre, the Netherlands. His scientific work (>150 peered-reviewed papers) focuses on clinimetrics and painful neuropathies. He was the PI of the successful Peripheral Neuropathy Outcome Measures Standardisation (PeriNomS) study and has organized several workshops on outcome measure. He is the coordinator of the IMAGiNE study (IgM +/- anti-MAG) neuropathy registry and steering committee member on several multi-center international studies. He is co-responsible for linking SFN to Na-channel mutations. Above all, he is a happy man.