University of Milan, IRCCS Besta

Daniele Ghezzi


I am a researcher experienced in integrating genetic data, with molecular analysis of candidate genes, and wet-science based functional and structural characterization of the corresponding proteins. I’m the leader of a group, part of the Unit of Medical Genetics and Neurogenetics – “Center for the study of Mitochondrial Disorders of Infancy and Childhood” at the Foundation IRCCS Neurological Institute “Besta” in Milan. Our unit is an Italian referral centre for diverse specific neurological conditions, in particular mitochondrial diseases. My group is dedicated to the study of genetic and pathological basis underlying mitochondrial disorders. I have had a primary role in the identification of a set of new nuclear genes involved in different mitochondrial disease syndromes, demonstrated by several papers in high-impact journals. I have established a lot of national and international collaborations with experts on these disorders to carry on past and on-going research projects.

Since September 2017 I am an Associate Professor in Medical Genetics at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy, with teaching activities for courses (Medicine and Surgery; Medical Biotechnology) and specialisation schools (Medical Genetics; Neurology; Child Neurology; Psychiatry; Ophthalmology) of  the Faculty of Medicine.