Neuromuscular Diseases Unit, Kantonsspital St. Gallen (CH)

Christoph Neuwirth


1992- 1999 Medical School, University of Cologne, Germany

1999-2000 Resident in Neurology, University Hospital Cologne (Director: Prof. W.-D. Heiss)
2001 Resident in Neurology, University Hospital Zuerich (Director: Prof. Dr. med. K. Hess)
2001- 2004 Resident in Neurology, General Hospital St.Gallen (Director: PD Dr. med. Barbara Tettenborn)
2005-2006 Resident in Psychiatry, Psychiatric Hospital Münsterlingen (Dr. med. Karl Studer)
Since 2006 Consultant in Neurology, General Hospital St.Gallen. Neuromuscular diseases unit / ALS clinic (Prof Dr. med. Markus Weber)
Since 2012 Senior Consultant in Neurology, Deputy head Neuromuscular diseases unit

– Randomized placebo-controlled crossover trial with quinine sulfate for the treatment of cramps in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (PI)
– Biogen iHub Methodology 999AS003 (Sub-PI)
– A novel neurophysiological measurement (MUNIX) in neuromuscular disorders; test-retest reliability and longitudinal follow up measurements in ALS patients in a European multi-centre project (SOPHIA) (Sub-PI)
– Modeling human neurodegenerative disease by iPS cell-derived neurons (Sub-Investigator)