Mario Negri Pharmacological Institute, Milan

Caterina Bendotti


Caterina Bendotti holds pharmacy degree at University of Milano (1984) and PhD degree in Neuropharmacology  at the IRFMN (1986). She was post-doctoral fellow(1986-88) at Johns Hopkins University,  in the Development Genetic lab working on the mechanism of neurodegeneration in trisomic 16 mice, a model of Down syndrome. Since 1998 she is head of the Molecular Neurobiology laboratory and from 2011-2017 has been coordinator of the Animal Facility for AriSLA at the IRFMN. She has long experience in the preclinical research on ALS. In particular she is recognized for the expertise in animal models of ALS, mainly the SOD1 mutant transgenic rodents. Her main lines of research are: i) study of the mechanisms of motor neuron degeneration in cellular and animal models; ii) identification of biomarkers for the diagnosis and progression of the disease; iii) development of therapeutic approaches in both cellular and animal models. Recently, with her group she is contributing to the field of ALS by elucidating the mechanisms of disease progression variability in two ALS mouse models with particular attention at the role of immune system and in defining prognostic biomarkers of the disease, as documented by several articles. She has authored 155 peer reviewed articles (H index= 42).